What happened to me in the past.

If you have been reading my articles you would know I’m only 17 years old but i have been through a lot, many might say your only 17 what could you possibly be going through? But the truth is life wasn’t easy for me at all i remembered the nights i use to cry myself to sleep i was so depressed and lost, i never use to eat any food it’s like i couldn’t even if i wanted to, I never forget when i was at school i never use to talk to anyone, not even the teachers ,i would sit at the back of the classroom and look at the board for the hold sections and still never see the notes neither heard a word of what the teachers were saying, I couldn’t focus at all everything was falling apart for me.

I was about 7 at that time i never knew much about the purpose of the church or reading the bible. It was in 2013 when my life began to get worse, at that point i was planning on taking my own life. there were some pills home all different kinds and i planned that night to take all of them, but that night I fell asleep i don’t know how! Cause i never went bed early before.

In the morning when i woke up the pills were nowhere to be found i looked everywhere in that house and i could not find not even one of them. So i decided to try something else i used my belt, pillow over my face and broken glass under my neck. i couldn’t do it, it was so hard for me to kill my self every time i tried i would stop just to cry and later tried continuously i still couldn’t do it.

A year after a book called 31 days of prayer was given to me as a gift, it was a month later i actually took up that book to read, i would open one of my windows at nights an sit there reading, singing and crying to the Lord. i begged him to help me cause i was losing it, about a week later i never cried again, all suicidal thoughts were gone completely things were starting to change a lot, as you can see the devil was driving me to kill myself but God saved me! every time i fell he lifted me up and today I’m so grateful πŸ™.

If God can save me, he can save anybody.

16 thoughts on “What happened to me in the past.

    1. And tbh upon till this day i still don’t know where those pills went and i didn’t ask my dad about them cause the thing is they weren’t children pills , so i never knew what happened but it was first i saw them so maybe he took them up and put them away cause he had me in the house.

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      1. I remember when I was living in Vancouver in 2016 and I had run out of money and I was unable to get a job anywhere and I was about to be evicted from my apartment at the end of the month unless I came up with the rent money and I was super depressed, I thought about throwing myself from my apartment balcony to the streets below and ending it all.

        I remember a fellow blogger- a Christian woman who lived in Germany (who I never told about my plans) felt inclined to pray for me the night before I was going to do it.

        She went to a nearby Church and lit a candle and prayed for me.

        The morning I was going to do it, I woke up and I distinctly heard a voice from the living room next to my bedroom say “Chris, don’t do it” 3 times.

        And I lived alone.

        So I decided not to do it.

        I checked my phone and I got an email from my friend in Germany saying, “Chris, what’s up? I got this feeling that something bad was going to happen to you so I was praying for you all night.”

        So God definitely uses other people to help as His angels.

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