I’m giving everyone a free pass to ask me any question.

Personal question??
Advice questions???
Are you could just tell me how you feel about my articles, i just want to get to know my followers so i can know what to Write about that may be of help to you, i would really appreciate it if y’all participate.

24 thoughts on “I’m giving everyone a free pass to ask me any question.

    1. I have realized the most essential reason for our existence is for us to grow and flourish. Throughout my past experiences I have noticed situations and people have entered my life that have facilitated my growth. Life has been good and challenging, but over time I have learned that the challenges have been an usher to push me beyond my safety zone.

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    1. Most definitely, it was at one point when i was a bit younger life wasn’t easy for me at all i use to cry my self to sleep every night but i remembered when my grandmother husband was going back home cause he was in Jamaica at the time and he left a book i think it was called 31 days of prayer, i would open my window read that book and look up into the sky and cry also i would talk to the Lord i begged him to help me and about a week later things started getting better and trust me it was terrible. He helped me he healed me i couldn’t stop remember i mention how i couldn’t stop?? crying after a while i never cry again I’m so thankful tbh πŸ™πŸ™.

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