Be the reason someone smiles today.

There’s so much more to social media than fighting and gossiping about each other. This is insane! Approximately 80% of people from all over the world enjoy gossiping and fighting on social media, If you post some inspiring statements on social media you might get about 60 likes but if you post a naked picture laughing after another woman/man, I guarantee you will get 2m likes I honestly don’t think this is the best way to go about using social media.

Think before you post online.

What was the original purpose of social media? With interaction, participation, and passion in your internet platforms, you will attract and capture your users. So the original purpose of Social Media is not only for you to communicate with other people. It’s also an effective tool for business promotion.

Be careful about what you use social media for.

Use social media wisely think about important things that social media used for. market products, promote brands, connect to current customers and foster new business even if you post some simple inspiring words you never know which person life you might have changed use social media positively and stop with all the negatives.

Inspire someone to do the right thing today.

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