Never you give up on yourself, only you can find the Missing Pieces.


In life no one is perfect, you can’t do and be everything thats good. Without the bad then there’s no good, we have to make mistakes so that we can learn from them.

Pain is normal but what we do with them? Well that’s a different story. Have you ever asked yourself why I’m i going through all this pain ?What did i do wrong? Am I cursed?

The answer is no you’re not cursed and no you didn’t do anything wrong. This is just how life is, you just have to accept it and fight the pain and the anger that is pulling you down. You have to combine them together and create something beautiful, you must and you will. Stop being afraid of pain and start embracing it, stop running from it because the more you run the greater the pain becomes, it is time to do something with that pain today. Remember that your story can’t just end with pain, there has to be something else that is missing and you have to find it! You must find it!

7 thoughts on “Never you give up on yourself, only you can find the Missing Pieces.

  1. Hey Young lady-this is just Superb,brilliant and splendid! you are just above your age!
    Congrts for writing such wonderful,short and concise post!
    love you for this work!

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